Call for Papers
The organizing committee encourages you to contribute to the APSCI2019. Please submit your abstracts online.

Submission Dates and Deadline

April 1 to Noon August 20, 2019 (Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)
Abstract Submission is now closed.


Abstract Submission Policies
* Registration is strongly recommended before the abstract submission deadline on August 20. Your registration will be weighed as one of the important factors for the acceptance of your abstract(s).
* An individual may be the First (submitting) Author of only 2 abstracts.
* The Presenting Author must be the First (submitting) Author with his or her name appearing first on the abstract.
* Multiple abstract submissions from the same institution on similar research will be subject to rejection.
* Please note that registration fee is refundable before 23:59, August 30, 2019 (JST) if you inform us with a written notice. From August 31, the registration fee is NOT refundable.
Presentation Style
1.   Paper or poster
*Some abstracts may be selected for presentations at symposium.
2.   Poster only
*During poster viewing time, program committee will evaluate poster presentations.
"Poster Awards" will be awarded to for excellent posters at Closing Remarks.

We are open to requests with the presentation style, but please note the final decision including presentation date & time will be made by the President and Program Committee.
Abstract Topics
  Anatomy, Physiology, Mechanics   Tinnitus
  Protection   Central Processing
  Drug Delivery   Psycoacousics
  Regeneration   Others
  Genetics   Radiology
  Infections   Audiological Examination
  New Born Hearing Screening   Others
  Hearing Preservation
  Technique (Malformation, Re-implantation etc.)
  Intra Operative Monitoring (Electrophysiology etc.)
  Bilateral Hearing   Genetics
  Bimodal Hearing   Long Term Results
  SSD and Asymetric Hearing Loss   Tonal Language
  Anomalies   Tinnitus Suppression
  Elderly   Hearing Preservation
  Meningitis   Musical Perception
  Acoustic Neurinoma   Sound localization
  Additional Disabilities   Others
  Habilitation Methods    
  Robotic Surgery   Intraoperative Imaging
  Electrode Design   AI
  Coding Strategy   Others
  EAS   Vestibular Implant
  Bone Anchored Hearing Devices   Hearing Aids
  Middle Implants   Other Devices
  Electrophysiology (ECAP, Cortical Response etc.)
  MAPPING (AI Fitting, Telemedicine etc.)
  EDUCATION (Educational System, Parents Care etc.)
Preparing Your Abstract Submission
1.   Abstract title: 100 characters including spaces.
2.   Abstract body: 3000 characters (approx. 500 words) including spaces.
3.   Images (tables, graphs, figures, etc.) are not allowed to include in the abstract.
4.   Abstracts should include the parts: a) Aim, b) Material and Methods, c) Results, d) Conclusions.
5.   You may change or revise your abstract before deadline Noon August 20, 2019 (Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)
Travel Grant Application
Travel grants will be available for First (submitting) Author who have an accepted abstract for APSCI2019. The abstracts are considered to be of high interest related to hearing, speech, and balance disorders. The local organizing committee will review the applicants and up to 40 excellent abstracts will be selected.

A. Outline of application
  1.   Qualification: Age under 45-year old on the date of November 27th, 2019 (APSCI 2019)
  2.   Applicants must be from the list of Emerging Countries below.
List of Emerging Countries
Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei
Cambodia Iran Indonesia Laos
Mongolia Myanmar Nepal Sri Lanka
Vietnam Pakistan Philippines  
  3.   Amount: 50,000JPY up to 40 awardees
  4.   Registration fee: For participants from emerging countries, special registration fee will be provided.
B. To apply for travel grant
  Please follow the steps below:
Step 1.   Please submit your abstract first from “Submit” on the end of this page
Step 2.   In the submission form, please choose “Yes, I apply for a Travel Grant”
Step 3.   Please enter your birthdate.
Step 4.   Please upload following files.
1.   Curriculum vitae (PDF file, less than 4 pages)
2.   Scanned copy of your passport
3.   A letter of recommendation from chair, professor, supervisor of your affiliation or department is required. Please use this format for submission.
C. To receive the grant
The grant will be handed at congress secretariat HQ.
When receiving the grant, we will ask you to present your passport to confirm your birthdate and nationality. If the birthdate and nationality are different from the application, the grant will be withdrawn.
*Please note that travel grant recipients also need to do pre-registrations.

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Notification of Acceptance
All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the Program Committee and accepted selections will be announced in the middle of September 2019.
Conflict of Interest (COI)
All presenters at 12th Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implants and Related Sciences (APSCI2019) must disclose and report on any conflict of interest, or, alternatively, to state that they have no conflict of interest. Once your presentation is accepted, the category of conflict of interest is listed below and company names must be noted for disclosure in the slide or poster used in the presentation.

1.   Presentations to which these rules are applicable
  These rules are applicable to all presentations, including lectures, co-sponsored
seminars, symposium, and oral and poster presentations.
2.   Reporting Conflict of Interest at your presentation.
  Report on any potential conflict of interest with companies and you, your spouse or first degree of kinship regardless of whether it's concerned with or without the content of your presentation.
a.   In the case the author is a board of director, an advisor or an employee of a company or a commercial institution.
b.   In the case when the author has made profit from stock and stockholding.
c.   In the case when the author receives patent royalty from a company or a commercial institution.
d.   In the case when the author receives lecture fees, research fees from a company or a commercial institution.
e.   In the case when the author receives honorarium for manuscript fee on brochures from a company or a commercial institution.
f.   In the case when the author receives research funding or grant from a company or commercial institution.
g.   In the case when the author receives donations from a company or commercial institution.
h.   In the case when the author receives researchers support from a company or commercial institution.
i.   In the case when the endowed chair is sponsored by a company or commercial institution.
j.   In the case when the author receives other remuneration besides research such as travel expenses, gifts etc...
3.   Disclosures in the abstract and slide
  Abstract: Conflict of Interest (COI) will not be posted on the abstract book.
Slide and Poster:
    The first authors are requested to describe COI on their slide or at the bottom of the poster presentations.
If the author does not have any conflict of interest to disclose, there will be a statement to the effect, "I have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this presentation." on the sample slides. Please refer to the following button for sample slides and details COI disclosures.

  Sample Slides

Personal Information Protection
"Names" and "contact addresses" provided to us for Abstract Submission for the conference shall be used for the purpose of contact from the secretariat, notification of acceptance or rejection, and any information related to the presentation. In addition, the "presenters' names, "affiliation names," "title" and "abstract text" shall be used for publication in the program/proceedings and on the website, but not for other purposes.
Abstract submission has been commissioned to c/o MediProduce, Inc. in order to facilitate operations management.
As a Congress Secretariat of APSCI2019, MediProduce, Inc., shall handle personal information in accordance to its Privacy Policy and ensure proper management.
APSCI2019 Secretariat
2-26-35 8F, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-5775-2075 Fax: +81-3-5775-2076


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