Hospitality Program
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Complimentary Hospitality Program
Tokyo Metropolitan Government offers several complimentary programs specially tailored to provide overseas registered participants with various experiences of Tokyo and its vicinity; from its nature and culture to other attractions.
Tokyo City Tours
The followings are free bus tours with an English-speaking guide to allow you to see some of the Tokyo's most popular sightseeing areas. Please note that more details of the tours will be announced at the start of application.
28 Nov. (Thu.)   PM : Tokyo from window of the bus&Edo-Tokyo museum
29 Nov. (Fri.)   AM : Tokyo from window of the bus&Edo-Tokyo museum/
PM : River Cruise & Hamarikyu Gardens
30 Nov. (Sat.)   AM : River Cruise & Hamarikyu Gardens
Approx. 2 hours (Half-day Tour)
Starting time
  Tokyo from window of the bus&Edo-Tokyo museum
AM: 9:00 / PM: 13:30
  River Cruise & Hamarikyu Gardens
AM: 8:40 / PM: 13:20
    * Gathering time: 15min. before the starting time.
Tour size
40 participants (1 bus) per tour (Total of 4 tours)
Free of charge
[River Cruise & Hamarikyu Gardens]
  Venue=Tokyo Bay cruise(from Asakusa)~~Hama-Rikyu Gardens=Venue
[Edo Tokyo Museum & Asakusa]
  Venue=Akihabara・Ryogoku(from window)=Edo-Tokyo museum=Venue
How to book
The booking of the tour is accepted through the online booking link which will be available on the congress website in October (first-come, first-served basis).
Tour information
[River Cruise & Hamarikyu Gardens]

  This half-hour boat cruise down the Sumida River travels under some 14 bridges spanning Tokyo’s main river, showing the capital’s famous landmarks along the way. The cityscape of Tokyo seen from the river is refreshing to the eye. The cruise will arrive at the majestic Hamarikyu Gardens, located along the Tokyo Waterfront. Visitors can enjoy a walk in the beautifully preserved garden which the family of the ruling Tokugawa Shogun owned from 17th to mid- 19th century, and used for hunting with falcons. Autumn leaves can be enjoyed in Tokyo from late November to December. The reflection of the colorful trees on the waters of the ponds are spectacular, making this a beautiful viewing spot.
  Together with the autumn leaves, enjoy the sculpted beauty of this vast Japanese garden in the middle of the city.
[Tokyo from window of the bus&Edo-Tokyo museum]

  Edo-Tokyo Museum introduces the history and culture of Edo (the ancient name for Tokyo). It also fascinates visitors with stories of the city's past. You can take a look at a traditional theatre and scenes from everyday life that will transport you back in time to the Edo-period (1603-1868). This museum presents visitors with a unique opportunity to compare and contrast old Edo with modern Tokyo, so you can appreciate how Tokyo has been transformed over the years.
* The itineraries may be subject to change.
* The participants of the Complimentary Hospitality Program may be photographed/
filmed by an authorized photographer/cameraman for the purpose of records and future Tokyo promotion. By registering for this Program, you agree that your image may be used and distributed in full/in part for the aforementioned purposes.
Culture Programs

The following complimentary cultural programs will be offered to allow participants to experience the unique culture of Japan first-hand.
Each program below takes place at Keio Plaza Hotel.

[Tea Ceremony (C-1〜4)]
Experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony.

[Kimono Experience (C-5〜8)]
Try traditional Japanese beautiful Kimono. You can enjoy wearing Kimono and take some pictures.

Each applicant may choose 2 Culture Programs Tours in maximum.

Date Morning Afternoon
Nov. 28
10:00-10:30 11:00-11:30 13:00-13:30 14:00-14:30
C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4 Tea Ceremony (15 ppl per program)
Nov. 29
10:00-11:00 11:30-12:30 13:30-14:30 15:00-16:00
C-5, C-6, C-7, C-8 Kimono Experience(15 ppl per program)
* Children under 18 cannot be admitted to the Japanese Cultural Programs.
* The schedule and contents are subject to change.

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